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Outreachy proposal: Full Screen UI for Infragram Tool and proposal for new logo design [ Outreachy Applicant'22 ]

by paridhijain0201 | April 21, 2022 15:57 21 Apr 15:57 | #30546 | #30546

About me

I am Paridhi Jain, a B.Tech IT Second year student at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, New Delhi, India. I am enthusiastic about learning new technologies. I am proficient in Java and also have basic knowledge in C/C++ and python. I am intermediately trained in full-stack web development. I have also done an internship in web development where I was mainly responsible for the front-end. The front-end technologies include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Tailwind Css. The back-end technologies include Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose and several other NPM Packages.

Affiliation: Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

Location: New Delhi, India

Project description

Here, you don't have to have a complete proposal when you begin. Just tell us some of your ideas and we'll help you refine it into a full proposal gradually!

Abstract/summary (<20 words):


I have mainly tried to beautify the Infragram tool and propose a logo design as a part of the Outreachy submission '22.


Since I have designed the UI, I have designed it in a single go. I have used Canva and looked at some designs on Dribble.


I, hereby describe the UI designed by me:

  • The bottom left corner shows four options bulleted by a bulb icon. These options redirect the user to the respective web pages. The Q and A option scrolls down to the Q and A section.
  • The top left corner beneath the Infragram logo has options to save, download and share(read from left to right).
  • The center dotted area is meant for uploading images.
  • The selection pane designed to the right has selection of options at its extreme right. The selected option will be visible highlighted (as the preset button). For each button, we need to select from options meant for it. Several components that would be used to design sub-options including dropdown, slider, text have been shown.
  • The cancel button takes you to the next option in the right pane in order. Eg. Clicking on cancel in Preset will take you to Analyze.

Tool and header section:

Pic 1

Q and A and footer section:

Pic 2

Logo Design:



I have worked on projects previously as a part of coursework and hackathons. Every project has definitely taught me something and motivated me to learn more. Below is the link to my Github repos:GitHub Link


I have worked in college technical team on a AR/VR Unity based project. It was definitely my best experience in tech so far. I have contributed previously in Hacktoberfest'21 which my marked the beginning of my journey in open source.


Initially, when I was going through several projects mentioned on the outreachy website, the infragram project was one of those projects that were scintillating and interesting. Indeed, it is the concept of environmental science that made me incline towards the project. The mentors have been polite and active. They are definitely zealous about giving the first timers an opportunity to start. This made me even more inclined towards the community.


My UI, I believe would benefit the visitors of the website, making the webpage look more aesthetic and easy-to-use.


I shall be giving in my best efforts throughout the internship period to contribute to the project in every possible way. I shall contribute the number of hours as promised in the Outreachy application. I shall work with team-spirit and actively involve is asking questions to my mentor.


As a part of Outreachy'22

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Hi @paridhijain0201, we'd appreciate a mockup/wireframe of the design you have in mind for Infragram. Thanks!

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