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Microplastics in water

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Microplastics are small plastic pieces that are being found in bottled water, rivers, lakes and oceans. Our community uses a lot of plastic and much of it ends up in our waterways which the greater New Orleans area uses for recreation and is an important part of the economy.

Our main concern:

Fish and other aquatic animals eat microplastics. They are toxic to fish and people.

Obstacles and supporting information:

There haven't been many studies on microplastics but there are many articles that we found. Microplastics in our lakes and rivers are coming from larger plastic materials in litter and are also found in many beauty products that contain microbeads. The Mississippi river is used to transport microplastics so people in the area are less likely to be supportive of measures that they believe threaten the economy of our area. The Louisiana Chemical Association does not seem like it would be supportive of measures to reduce plastic pollution.

Who is engaged in this concern?

Barataria Preserve Environmental Education Center

Public Lab

What are the initial questions?

  1. What bodies of water contain the most microplastics?
  2. What is the largest source of microplastic pollution?
  3. Are there bills that prohibit certain types of activities that we can help promote?

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Hello! Watch this video to learn about the Gulf of Mexico Garbage Patch! According to LSU, the Mean Annual Flux of microplastic (0.5mm - 5mm) is 325.3 Billion Particles per year.

If one piece is one dollar, that is 1.8x the net worth of Jeff Bezos. That's about how many meters it takes to get to the moon.

What else do you know that is 325.3 Billion?!?

That's 2449 - 4067 Particles per year per person in the Basin

0:00 Dr Mark Benfield, LSU 15:00 Diane Wilson of SeaDrift TX, along with San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper 31:30 David Frederick, Diane Wilson's and San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper's Litigation 52:45 Lauren Packard, Center For Biological Diversity, Break Free From Plastics Pollution Act

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Legislation --as of March 2021 New Orleans City Council Resolution against Formosa Plastics

Texas Law regulating plastic CONTACT OFFICIALS | TX Support Plastic Pellet Pollution Prohibition in Texas

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act --would make plastic a pollutant under the US law

Other Ideas

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