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Near Infrared Image of the Moon's Shadow

by nearsys New Contributor |

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I wanted to see what kind of data I could collect during the solar eclipse.

So I attached a modified Mobius ActionCam to one of my weather balloons and trackers and took pictures every five seconds. The Mobius has a RGB blocking filter and is set for monochrome. This images was recorded at around 45,000 feet.

I need to analyze the thermal infrared images (long wave infrared) next. I can't make heads no tails out of them yet since that camera was not in sync with the NIR camera.

High altitude balloon launch is basically a poor man's space program.


Wow, this is beautiful! Do you have an animation of the images?

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I don't. The balloon rotated and I didn't take pictures frequently enough. I definitely plan to in 2024.

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