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Powered string winder for balloons

by natevw | May 03, 2012 17:42 03 May 17:42 | #1900 | #1900

Here's a sketch of how we made the balloon kit's string reel compatible with a cordless drill. I've also posted a few "real life" pictures and some assembly/usage notes.


Very cool, nate! Thought you might like some earlier and probably less successful experiments:

Reeling in 4500 ft of string with a bicycle... three times today

Especially do not do what's shown in this last video. Even with the car in reverse it's not a great idea.

Also, would you like the image to be the "lead" image for your research note? I'm an admin and am happy to make the change. But you can also do so, just upload your image to the "main image" field instead of the gallery. Then it'll show up larger and generate thumbnails.

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Haha, love the car one! Thanks for the tip about the image — still learning how this site works, but it should be fixed now.

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this is an awesome winder design. I love it- great mod.

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