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Hi Warren. I am interested in your kite-mapping camera rig for mobius or gopro, made from corrugated plastic:https://publiclab.org/notes/warren/08-07-2018/make-a-lightweight-camera-rig-from-corrugated-plastic-or-cardboardHowever, I am a total novice at ki

by mutski | November 29, 2020 19:37 29 Nov 19:37 | #25136 | #25136

Drone pilot pondering kite photography


Hi @mutski, It looks like your question might have gotten cut off, can you type it again in these comments?

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@mutski - thanks for your question! Just wanted to make sure you have a chance to respond to @stevie. We noticed your question cut off and we'd love to answer! Feel free to tag us when you retype.

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