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Tagging Interface

by mkashyap354 |

About me

Hello, I am Mayank, currently pursuing Integrated M.Tech in Computer Science at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. I have been working with Ruby and Ruby and Rails for about 3-4 months.

Affiliation : National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Location: Presently I am living in Himachal Pradesh ,India

Project description

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Editor has a great new tagging interface, and we should standardize and extend that over all tag inputs across Public Additionally, with power tagging system, the increasing set of abilities and options for power tags means we ought to have a more intuitive menu for selecting power tags, so people don't have to type them in manually.


we ought to have a more intuitive menu for selecting power tags, so people don't have to type them in manually.Needs_: Documentation, Mentorship


Have you forked the relevant codebases?_

Yes, I forked the latest publiclab/plots2 repository.

Installed them in a dev environment such as

I run the server in my local computer.


I start learning web development in ruby in my 2nd year. As time passed, I fell more in love with ruby, so I stuck with that. After learning rails,Now I am working on a project for NIMBUS(tech. fest of our College) in ruby on rails which is hosted on my github ( I also work on open source during Hacktober Fest 2017.

Yes I went through the contributor guidelines and I have good knowledge about Git and I also made a PR, But unfortunately it is not merged. And yes I also created an issue,which is now solved


I am the Coordinator of our Departmental Team During NIMBUS(tech. fest of our College). In which all work is done in teams.


As a deep nature lover and an observer, Public Lab always interests me. I always admire the work you guys do.I always see the all people in this organization work like a family. I want to work in that type of organization where everyone give chance another to give their views.
So Yes, For sure Public Lab always interests me._


Yes I Understood that Importance of this project and I can spend required time period to complete particular task without being time oriented. and since my mentors and me are in completely different time zones I can keep my communication with my mentor organization without any interruptions and delays._

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Hi, Mayank - thanks for your proposal! A few questions, but I'm happy to help you think through them.

I'd like to think about how the tagging interface for the Rich Editor (could you include a screenshot?) could be adapted, but note that while on a Node page, we see "already created" tags, while on the editor, it's more like "yet to be created" tags, in a form. Would the Rich Editor style tagging (which uses an existing library, check it out -- it isn't custom code we wrote, so could you link to that library here?) just replace the input form below the tag listing?

Also, I would love to see some ideas for how the advanced tagging menu could work. Would it be an expanding area, or a modal window, or what? Maybe you could sketch out some options in wireframes, and if you want to know the kinds of UI elements we have available, please check out

Finally, if you could start thinking about the stages of work, and how you'd break up these tasks into a checklist where you could submit completed work each week, that would be great. You'll end up with somewhere around 12-15 weeks, isn't that right?

Thank you!

Ya @warren you are right , I m going to thing about the stages of work. But can u tell me what type of tagging interface you want , which will help me more.

And I need 4-5 days for this task

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