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Youth Balloon Mapping Workshop (second draft)

by mjain26 | July 01, 2014 19:10 01 Jul 19:10 | #10638 | #10638

My first draft

Here is the link to my first draft of the curriculum and materials.

My attempt and results

Previously, I made a first draft of a curriculum for a youth balloon mapping workshop. I got a lot of awesome feedback. I used all the feedback to further develop the curriculum and the materials. Now, I have two master files. The file titled "outline1" is a packet for every group of youth. This packet is the result of all of the feedback I got. It includes parts of packets and guides previously posted on this topic as well as a bit of my own advice. MASTERTEMPLATE.pdf

The second file is for the leader of the workshop. It is titled "outline1". This file is an outline of the workshop. It includes links to tutorials. outline1.pdf

None of this work is 100% mine. Everything I have done is the result of research previously posted via Public Lab (as well as some of my own). This post is simply a compilation of some of the wonderful material that was already posted.

Questions and next steps

Any more feedback? I am hosting the workshop for a youth camp in the end of July so I am currently in the final stages of editing.


Megan, the outline.pages file isn't working. Can you PDF it and repost?

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I edited the wiki version here: with some formatting fixes.

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