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How many Bioblitz events should be held when monitoring a site?

by michelleiL | September 15, 2022 19:42 15 Sep 19:42 | #34966 | #34966

The MN Land and Manoomin protection team is working on holding Bioblitz events at 2 sites to identify species in the area as it relates to wild rice and wetlands. These are sites that would be impacted by the construction of the Huber Mill and Talon-Rio Tinto mine.

When monitoring the areas, is there a standard number of times, or time length, that the team should be thinking about as they plan their Bioblitz events in one specific area?

The date collected will be used for an Open Comment draft to reject the permitting process of the two proposed projects.


Hi @lilahiggins, Stevie mentioned you have lots of experience with Bioblitz. Hoping you can help us with this question. Thank you!

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