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Update 2 on Sky Cam Enhancement - GSoC 2014

by mercyorangi | June 17, 2014 20:38 17 Jun 20:38 | #10583 | #10583

Streaming photos to a 2nd mobile device

For the past 10 days, I have been working on having the photos taken by the camera on a 'drone' to be streamed to a 2nd phone. This was after consultation and feedback from my previous research note.

As such, having to get into your mailbox to access the photos will be a 2nd option to those who feel the need to.

My attempt and results

My first attempt on getting a photo taken and immediately streamed to a 2nd device is what I am currently looking into.

I am getting 'broken' images, or rather broken image links, on the 2nd device, so I still want to crack the bug. If it persists for longer, I'll be posting some 'call for help' in the next few days.. Hoping not :-)


Hi, Mercy - thanks for the update. Can you tag your posts with "gsoc" and "gsoc-2014"?

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Hi Warren, tags already added :-)

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