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RGSoC proposal: Upgrade to Rails 5

by meghana-07 | February 27, 2018 14:03 27 Feb 14:03 | #15826 | #15826

About me

Names: Ritika Gupta and Meghana Chaudhary

Affiliation: The Northcap University, Gurgaon, Haryana

Location: Gurgaon,India



Both of us are second year students pursuing in Computer Science Engineering.

Project description

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

To migrate the current project from Rails 4 to Rails 5 to keep up with the dependencies.


There is a need to upgrade from Rails 4.1 to Rails 5.0 because:

Improved Performance

Faster than previous versions

System tests (baked-in support for writing Capybara tests)

Yarn Support (Managing JavaScript dependencies)

Symbol garbage collection

Parameterised mailers

Encrypted secrets

Less memory usage

Rails API(The rails-API gem has been merged into Rails. It allows you to generate API-only Rails app and strips out all the middleware that you don't need in an app that generates JSON responded instead of HTML.

Ruby on Rails 5 gives us many new features that we can use for development.


Week 1 (July 1 to July 8)

Review and understanding the codebase of the website.

Week 2 (July 9 to July 15)

Testing of code

Week 3 (July 16 to July 22)

Updating ruby to 2.3.1(Rails 5 require Ruby 2.2.2 or greater)

Updating gem dependencies to Rails 5

Updating Rail binaries and configurations)

Week 4(July 23 to July 29)

Generating the db/Schema file again(Rails moved oreign and unique indexes to inside the create_table methods)

Updating the new application classes(ApplicationRecord(models)

• ApplicationMailer(mailers)

• ApplicationJob(jobs)

Validation changes to Belongs to relations(Rails 5 has changed the belongs_to relation to require presence by default.)

Week 5 (July 30 to August 5)

Halt Callback chain-throw(:abort)

(Active Record or Active Model callbacks no longer halt when returning false.)

Deprecaution warning for Hashes (Parameters do not inherit from Hash in Rails 5)

Testing HTTP methods (using keywords and positional arguments)

(ActionController::TestCase has changed, so on your controller tests or request tests, even if you use rspec-rails)

Week 6 (August 6 to August 12)

Rails Controller Testing

XML Serialization

Autoloading check

Wildcard matching for Template dependencies

Week 7:(August 13

to August 19)

Changing default test case

Changing RecordTagHelper to external gem

Removing unwanted gems

Changing protect_from_forgery defaults

Using byebug instead of debugger

Access to config/secret.yml using strings to be changed

Week 8: 2 weeks(August 20 to September 2)

Making changes to the documentation

Testing the code

Fixing tests and deprecauted features

Week 8: (September 3 to September 9)

Reviewing the changes done

Final testing

Week 9:(September 10 to September 16)

Final submission of project and code evaluation

We will update the code base before start upgrading to Rails 5 .

Deprecations before upgrading to rails 5 are as follows:

Active Record:-

1. Removed quoted_locking_column method as it isn't used anywhere.

2. Removed ConnectionAdapters::SchemaStatements#distinct, as it is no longer used by internals.

3. Deprecated rake db:test:* tasks as the test database is now automatically maintained.

4. Deprecated unused ActiveRecord::Base.symbolized_base_class and ActiveRecord::Base.symbolized_sti_name without replacement.

Active Model:-

Validator#setup should be done manually in the validator's constructor.

Active Support:-

1. Explicitly convert the value into an AS::Duration,i.e. 5.ago => 5.seconds.ago (Deprecated Numeric#{ago,until,since,from_now}).

2. Require active_support/core_ext/object/json instead of the require path active_support/core_ext/object/to_json.

3. Removed ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding::CircularReferenceError. This feature has been extracted into the activesupport-json_encoder gem.

4. Removed ActiveSupport.encode_big_decimal_as_string option. This feature has been extracted into the activesupport-json_encoder gem.

5. Deprecate custom BigDecimal serialization.


All the documentations required for upgrading are available online. We will also be needing a mentor to guide us.

First-time contribution

Both of us are complete beginners to open source contribution.Some of the first time contributions that we have are as follows:- ,


We have significant knowledge about C,C++,Java and Data structures.Currently we are studying Ruby, and also learning rails and JavaScript. Both of us are complete beginners to open source contribution and we feel public lab would be best for us as a stepping stone towards open source contributions.


We are roommates since the first day of college. We have worked together on 2 small college projects. So both of us have a great understanding.Through this project, we really wish to further develop our skills and enter the world of coding full time.


Public Labs allows one to learn without any barriers and to connect with people having new ideas, creative projects worldwide. It motivates us to make more and more contribution.


Both of us feel that bringing technologies and techniques together would make the world a better place to live in for everyone.


If we get selected, we would be completely devoted to our project.


@warren ,Kindly review it.

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Thanks for breaking this into small parts! Remember:

I wanted to point to this unfinished PR:

And this example of upgrading to Rails 4.1:

See how the existing 4.2 one has a kind of checklist of things that have to be completed to merge the changes?

I also wonder what (of the above list) could be done in preparation for Rails 5 but would still run on Rails 4.x -- so we could do that in advance before switching the gems over, and merge it into the main branch before having to totally commit to Rails 5, you know?

Thanks a lot!!!

I also wanted to suggest that this is a big synchronous project where many changes would happen in a single PR, so not as modular as other possible projects. If you wanted to explore other options, there are some promising issues or ideas in! But you've done some good work breaking this up!

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@warren , Thanks for the feedback. We will update it and come back to you as soon as possible.

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@meghana-07Any updates.? Thanks

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@mkashyap354 , we are currently busy with University exams. We will solve first timer issues and also update the proposal by 22nd March. Thanks

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Okkay @meghana-07 no problem. Best of luck for your exam.

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@warren , @mkashyap354 , we have upgraded the proposal and listed all the preparations that need to be done before upgrading it to Rails 5. Thank You and sorry for the delay , we will update you timely from now onward without causing any delay.

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Hi @meghana-07 !

I really liked the timeline :)

Really good work on breaking this up . Also it would be really awesome if you could solve some first timers or may ask from our reviewers team if no issue is available .

Thanks !

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Hi @sagarpreet ! Thanks for reviewing our proposal. Ritika and I are currently working on first timer issues.We will update those links in the proposal soon. Thanks !

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