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Outreachy proposal: Optimize Performance and Accessibility of Public Lab Content.

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About me

Name: Maduka, Chinonye Medline


Affiliation: University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria


This project will help to fasten the performance and accessibility of Public Lab Content. This will make it user-friendly, increase it's speed and also enable new comers use it so easily. With the help of standards this will be achieved. As a fresher in the Public lab site, it is difficult to know how to navigate through the site or to understand the next step to take. The introduction of carousel, audio and video contents and a well colored background site will be of great use. This project will be classified into two steps:

Step 1: Scanning the current Website and Upgrading its Performance

With the help of webpagetest, the public lab website was examined, the waterfalls showed a large number of js files, image and css files. The website can be improved by creation of new and different files (css, js, images, html,etc.) for past projects or years, deletion of unused files and compression of files in-use for example using zip compressor. The Below is an image of the webpagetest. The website can also be improved by including carousel, audio or video sliders, frequently asked questions, pop-ups for the page for easy reach, a colorful landing page, pop-up or tags to show a task to be done and the use of a better database management system such that when one types, the likely word or most sought words appears.

Step 2: Enhancing the webpage for a user-friendly friendly experience

To achieve this, the webpage will allow a better format that allow major commands to be taken such as increase in font size, change of font style, allowing users to print or save in formats of their choice. Also, the public lab content will be modified in such a way that allows out-going users comment on their experience. Creation of a whatsapp or telegram social media handle to ease communication for public lab members






Tasks to be completed

May 20- May 27


(1) Meet-up with the Outreachy community
(2) Scanning of the existing website performance through webpage test, waterfalls and other website performance materials.
(3) Identification of issues or existing problems to be solved and seeking of approval to do them.
(4) Assembling of necessary materials to facilitate results 

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May 28 - June 18


Upgrading of the current website:
(1) Deletion of unused files
(2) Creation of new files and folders for past years and projects and moving the data into them which will serve as archives.
(3) Compression of files

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June 19 - July 5


Upgrading of the current website (Creation of carousels):
(1) Development of video slides for public lab
(2) Development of audio slides for public lab

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July 6 - July 21


Upgrading of the current website:
(1) Addition of frequently asked questions
(2) pop-ups for the page for easy reach by freshers
(3) pop-ups in the public lab page to show announcements or anything new including tasks to be done for example first time issues 
(4) Introduction of a colorful webpage which is interactive with pictures clearly showing what the webpage is about
(5)  Inclusion a better database management to accommodate more files

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July 22 - August 5


Upgrading of the current website:
(1) Inclusion of many commands to the web page such as more font sizes, font styles, emojis, color such that a user enjoys the usage of the platform especially on the github forum
(2) Inclusion of a whatsapp or telegram contact amongst the social media handles for communication by public lab members

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August 6 - August 20


Printability, Documentation, Test-running, Rounding-up:
(1) All additions that was done will be test-run
(2) Existing files will be edited
(3) All addition and corrections made will be properly saved or documented
(4) Creation of first-timer-only issues

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Needs(1) Guidance of my mentors

(2) Guidance from the Public lab community

(3) General support ( Outreachy organization)



**My contribution to

Public Lab**

I have interest on environmental issues and that is the reason I joined Public lab where I can use open source to solve problems. I have made contributions to the Public lab and these are my pull requests which have been merged.

Experience I am an experienced teacher of Science. I am

also good at html and CSS. I am also good with js codes.

Teamwork After, my classes at the She-hacks coding boot

camp of February 2020, I have been able to teach over 5 girls and these girls have thought others too.

As an Alumini of YALI Africa, I have joined other members to educate the public especially girls on the importance of quality education, good sanitary lifestyle and avoidance of early girl-child marriage.

A big thanks to all my mentors at public lab for their guidance and support.

Passion I am passionate about

the environment, sounds and responses observed by positive and negative effects on it.

Audience This project will help

first timers on the public lab webpage to navigate through effortlessly. It will also encourage a video or audio such that a newcomer lands on the page and gets excited that he or she has learnt something new.


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