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BabyLegs in the classroom

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BabyLegs is a DIY instrument for investigating plastics in waterways. We're partnered with Let's Talk Science to outline how different aspects of building, using, and analyzing results with BabyLegs can be used to fulfill curriculum goals in the K-12 system, with an emphasis of grade 7-12. This curriculum guide is based on the system in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, but it can be adapted for other locations.

Let's Talk Science Curriculum Guide

For example:

Grade 7: Demonstrate the importance of choosing words that are scientifically appropriate when categorizing what BabyLegs has caught, such as abiotic and biotic, as well as measurement and categorization of micro, meso, and macro plastics that are fragments, films, threads, etc. Solve problems involving percentages from 1% to 100% (what percentage of samples had plastics overall versus foam plastic, fragments, and other types of plastics?)

For more links between BabyLegs and curriculum outcomes, see the Let's Talk Science Curriculum Guide.

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