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Open Source/hackable Camera platforms

by mathew | March 13, 2013 02:10 13 Mar 02:10 | #6311 | #6311

Stand alone

kind of affordable Hackacam $150 HackHD $159 LeanXcam €351 Stanford computational photography for cellphone cameras-- Nokia N9

ridiculously expensive Elphel-- if you have to ask you can't afford it used for Google Street View Apertus $10000 Stanford Frankencamera

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation will be releasing a camera module for $25 in April


Arducam $50 + Arduino incredible product coming out of DIY Drones

Tindie Hacrocam $21

Adafruit TTL camera $39 Adafruit connecting their camera to teh internets

Cheap Thermocam Nice! Thermal imaging!

Universal Arduino Camera Shield cool board, completely DIY (gotta make it yourself)

Arduino Due should be able to ask as a USB Host and access a webcam can't find any examples though

Craft Camera this is a nice all-together camera built from arduino shields and add-ons. nothing new but the packaging.

Camera controllers for Arduino


Trigger trap


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