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John Wells Near IR conversion for 808 HD Cams

by mathew | February 19, 2013 22:44 19 Feb 22:44 | #6059 | #6059

John Wells is doing great things with keychain cams over at the West Lothian Archaeological Society. Above is his simple pendulum rig made from a coat hanger for the cheap 808 keychain HD cams. The top part is wrapped around the kite line to stay in place.

He has also documented his instructions for converting them to near IR.

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Hey John! I just wanted to say that we are the biggest fans of your work!!

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Thanks Warren ;o) I will let the team know. We are amazed at how much you have all achieved too in such a short time!!

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that's a great balloon flight, John-- 18g cameras sure save a lot of helium!

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Hi We have found that working with children there is no problem using our standard KAP equipment: However, the biggest hurdle has been getting the adults who are responsible for the children to continue using KAP.
Our use of the 808 cameras is to simplify the rigs used and to also dispel worries about breaking more expensive cameras. Balloons (and poles: are an ideal way to demonstrate aerial techniques indoors, especially with very young children, before venturing out.

Taken with a camera on a carp fishing pole

It is a natural step to then move on to better equipment.

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