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How Pauls Fishing Kites Flys off-wind

by mathew | February 01, 2013 06:18 | 392 views | 0 comments | #5840 | 392 views | 0 comments | #5840 01 Feb 06:18

Watch Paul's awesome home video series, "Kite Fishing Encyclopedia." Skip to 4:50 for the off-angle flying.

The trick is attaching a little asymmetrical drag or weight on one side. a combination of both, as explained in part 3, minute 12 below, is the best (that's where the gallery above is from)

And Check out the auto-adjusting bridling on the Flexiwing, at minute 11, and the weight system of tacking used on it:

continued. Tacking techniques again at 10:50:


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