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Fold-up Spectrometer Instructions

by mathew |

Spectrometer instructions and the spectrometer pattern, for shipping to our Kickstarter backers. The blank spot on the page will have a chunk of a DVD-R taped to it.

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mini-spectrometer-3.7.pdf 364 KB 2012-11-29 05:54:44 +0000

spectrometer fold-up-mini-spectrometer


Really nice work.

I guess this will be printed in white on black paper. Or will the pattern and the instructions be printed separately?

I assume that a lot of people who will receive these in the next month or so have iPhones. Is there a target date for the iOS app?

Mathew -- this is gorgeous.

Could we put this on a PLOTS t-shirt, with the URL underneath?

I would wear it all the time. Underneath my LUMCON hoodie, which is never coming off.

Figuring out iOS schedule today, actually. I don't know how long it will take to get a full iOS app but in the short term we should be able to allow you to take a snap and upload it on your phone. Not the same as live scanning but workable.

Thanks All!

@ Chris-- it will be printed on black matte paper and laser cut like this: reworking jeferonix's fold up spectrometer

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