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notes on setting up a Dustduino

by mathew | October 27, 2014 04:14 27 Oct 04:14 | #11303 | #11303

What I want to do

setup a Dustduino per Matthew @Schoyer's instructions

My attempt and results

I had trouble with the RN-XV I couldn't get it working per @Schoyer's instructions

so I switched to WiFi configuration, as described in the manual. First I found which pin was actually GPIO9 (it ewas pin 8) through the sparkfun comments page on the device.


that got it to spit out a wifi network but I couldn't for the life of me telnet in as the manual suggested. No connection.

I also looked at a few other sets of instructions i found here

In the end, I just gave up on DHCP and figured I'd manually configure everything by serial.

@Schoyer's original instructions: - With no shield attached, load a bare minimum sketch to Arduino UNO

  • Attach the RN-XV to the shield, and attach the shield to the UNO

  • Switch serial select on the shield to "USB"

  • Launch the Arduino IDE, and open serial monitor

  • Select "no line ending" in the serial monitor

  • Enter "$$$"

  • RN-XV will respond with "CMD"

  • Change serial monitor to "carriage return"

My commands: factory Reset


  • Select "no line ending" in the serial monitor

  • Enter "$$$"

  • RN-XV will respond with "CMD"

  • Change serial monitor to "carriage return"

More commands:

set wlan join 1

set ip dhcp 0

set ip address

set ip netmask

set wlan ssid bananaslug

set wlan phrase oregonslimetrail



This got WiFi working, but since Xively isn't taking development memberships, I had nowhere to send the data....

so I just hooked it up as a serial device, as per @Schoyer's code

Here were the pinouts, from Shinyei sensor to arduino Screen_Shot_2014-10-26_at_9.49.04_PM.png


Questions and next steps

Why I'm interested


Hi mathew, thanks for the directions, I have a question, I get output data in this form;

PM10 count,PM2.5 count,PM10 conc,PM2.5 conc 1258.74,-829.15,404.99,-1.29 370.34,-179.69,119.15,-0.28 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 79.42,-78.80,25.55,-0.12 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 264.78,-264.16,85.19,-0.41 664.40,-663.78,213.77,-1.04 377.79,-377.17,121.55,-0.59 584.47,-508.82,188.05,-0.79 365.35,-364.73,117.55,-0.57 48.23,-47.61,15.52,-0.07 47.16,-46.54,15.17,-0.07 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 1.58,-0.96,0.51,-0.00 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 64.12,-63.50,20.63,-0.10 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00

how can I convert it in concentrations values?

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We've gotten the Shinyei connected up to the Phant instance at http://data.sparkfun.com, with an open source driver, over USB: http://publiclab.org/notes/mathew/06-01-2015/plan-for-recording-shinyei-optical-sensors-using-open-pipe-kit

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