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Standalone NBG export for Images & Video (Mac OS X)

by mathew | June 01, 2013 02:29 01 Jun 02:29 | #7998 | #7998

What I wanted to do

I wanted to make an exporter for NDVI and NBG images using my decade-old license for Max/MSP/Jitter, but couldn't get NDVI working, because jit.op objects will only divide video in floating point mode, and I had some trouble with that.

My attempt and results

Download Max/MSP 4.6 and Jitter 1.6 Runtime and this file.

you can edit the colors, and then export. all export files are saved as "" in whatever directory the software is saved to, so re-name each file after export so it doesn't get written over.


Here is a much better image capture program:

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