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Mary Dougherty's guidelines for submitting pollution photos to the Wisconsin DNR

by mathew | April 24, 2017 23:09 24 Apr 23:09 | #14134 | #14134

During the 2017 Wisconsin Conservation Lobby Day put on by the League of Conservation Voters, Mary Dougherty, a photographer from Bayfield County active against CAFOs (Confined Animal Feed Operations, did a presentation on documenting CAFOs pollution. She presented a list of factors she has been asked to include in video and photos of runoff events from CAFOs.

According to Mary, a video or photo set should include:

  1. Date and time in the video's time stamp, but also independent date verification in the video such as a phone or newspaper.
  2. Location information in the video-- such as a cross street
  3. Direction you're facing, and landmarks to prove it
  4. Verification of the violator-- a street number, identification of the property, a license plate
  5. Verification of your identity-- your voice and image in the video.


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