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Opera and Google Chrome

by MarthaV | March 10, 2013 21:18 10 Mar 21:18 | #6281 | #6281

Once again I need help. I had to set my spectrometer project aside for a couple of weeks and now that I'm back at it I'm finding that Google Chrome does not allow me to use the spectrometer's webcam it defaults to my mac's webcam even though photo booth has the spectrometer set as default. I've downloaded Opera but I don't see how to take a spectrometer picture. Please see Opera screenshot attached.


Ugh, once again I need help. I was going to do some readings outside today and for some reason when I hooked up the spectrometer it was using my macbook's webcam. I selected "deny" on the capture prompt. I made sure that in google settings that the default camera was the spectrometer and went back into spectral workbench but now it's not even prompting me to allow or deny now. I can't figure out how to get the prompt so that I can take readings again.

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ok, I figured it out. For others: there was a little folder in the chrome bar with a little x next to it. I canceled out the x and all was fine.

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