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Public Lab Research note

Conductivity Results from 3 Water Samples

by madelinebilis | October 01, 2014 02:36 01 Oct 02:36 | #11218 | #11218

by Ariana Marini and Madeline Bilis
In reference to three water samples described in a previous research note.

After testing the conductivity of our three samples (A- Duck Pond, B-Bath Water, C-Reflecting Pool) we noticed that the reflecting pool water had the highest pitch sound, the bath water had a slightly lower pitch sound, and the duck pond’s sound was the lowest. Therefore, we concluded that the reflecting pool had the highest conductivity, the duck pond had the lowest, and the bathwater fell in between but closer to the side of the duck pond’s conductivity. Conductivity is affected by dissolved solids so we cannot say for sure that any of the water is more or less polluted. It’s difficult to say what may potentially account for the differences as we were surprised by the outcomes. For instance, we thought the bath water would have the lowest conductivity. Perhaps the treatments that are added to the water to make it drinkable caused the conductivity to rise.


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