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Spectrometer in cellphone box

by kosamari | November 14, 2012 17:22 14 Nov 17:22 | #4905 | #4905

I wanted to make Spectrometer myself and realized I do not have video tape box... so its housed in the box my cell phone came with.

Camera I used Logitech C270. I guess it is less ideal for building Spectrometer since it does not have flat bottom. (I only realized this when adjusting camera angle after I built whole thing.)

Stand is taken off (it has screw on the side), and green light on the side of camera is sealed with electric tape. camera stand off

camera light sealed

I moved around quite bit to adjust camera position... ended up covering wide surface of the box with velcro tape.

camera adjustment

Light Control After I played with Spectrometer for few samples, I realized it often gets "too bright". This can be solved by moving light sauce further. But I was trying to make desktop stand (fixed position) for this Spectrometer, so added "Plug-in Lamp Dimmer" instead.

Stand (work in progress) Camera cable is housed in T shape PVC connector for making Desktop stand in near future.


Wow this looks great -- do you have any spectra on you've taken with it?

Some of us in Boston are getting together next Tuesday night to talk about and test oil detection with our spectrometers. We're also talking about a spectrometry hackathon in January. Would love to collaborate with you if you're interested!

Also see this PVC box some of us have been using -- it's very good in preventing light leaks:

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