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Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop

by kgrevera | May 05, 2015 13:20 05 May 13:20 | #11785 | #11785

Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop


I am working with Professor Sara Wylie to further develop the thermal fishing bob. So, we are holding a workshop to brainstorm, test out, and show off new ideas.

Goals for the Thermal Fishing Bob

  1. Devise and test out new ways to make a towable thermal fishing bob.
  2. Brainstorm and test new ideas for housing the thermal fishing bob to prevent water damage.
  3. Try to produce a thermal fishing bob that works sans Arduino, thus lowering the cost of building it and making the thermal fishing bob more accessible.
  4. Test out our ideas with our colleague Laura Perovich's novel rig designs.
  5. Brainstorm ideas to convert the thermal fishing bob into a conductivity fishing bob.

Discussion topic lineup will be posted in the next day or so, but should include towable rigs, conductivity fishing bobs, multiple thermistor and LED rigs, Arduino-less rigs, and more!


Boston, MA On Northeastern University's campus, 540 Holmes Hall.


Thursday, June 11th starting at 2:00pm. The workshop will run all afternoon and then we will break for dinner around 5 or 6. Afterwards we will reconvene to test out our projects in the water (ideally in Northeastern's pool).

Why should you come?

To help develop the thermal fishing bob or even just to learn about them. Or just for the food. There will be food.

This event is on 05-19-2015 iCal

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I will be attending!

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I will be attending!

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