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Spam management Dashboard @ GSoC week-3

by keshav_sethi0004 | May 24, 2020 19:38 24 May 19:38 | #23719 | #23719

Community Bonding -> Week 3 Spam management Dashboard

I have updated and planned some of my milestones in the planning issue and added a few more tasks to make it more refined and clear.

Link to my planning issue: https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/issues/7885

I have started working on it and initiated this from UI improvements and then moved to bulk moderation features like bulk publish and bulk spam.

I have added all the features of the current spam management dashboard and made a PR for this.

Link to UI PR: https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/pull/7928

Link to that issue: https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/issues/7927

Next week I have planned to complete UI and make it responsive along with bulk moderation features and tests. I have also planned to start Digest this week.

Please comment below for any reviews and suggestions.

Thank you!!


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