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The Open Water Project: FAQ

by kanarinka |

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The real Open Water FAQ is here:

mapping sensing water-quality water water-monitoring monitoring quality open-water


This is so exciting.


And, as per our discussion elsewhere today, maybe we also want this material to go in a 'wiki' ... if you get a chance, Catherine, maybe you can do that, as you'll be able to copy/paste the markdown directly?


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I noticed that you have a lot of Github info, but are you considering writing a tutorial? I'm interested in building a Riffle for Philly. Maybe you already have one and I just missed it? Looking forward to learning more about your project.

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Thanks ZenGirl2 - a tutorial is definitely in the works as soon as we have a working prototype that people can use -- we are looking at June 5th for some initial experimentation. Are you in the northeast?

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I live in Philly. I'm currently a LandLab Artist in Residence at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. I'm hoping to study stormwater run-off using Arduino or other open source hardware. Good with tutorials -- not so good with schematics LOL.

No worries - if you can travel north a bit you should consider coming to the New England barnraising the weekend of June 5th -- -- We are going to be focusing on water quality issues and there will be Riffles to play with plus a community of people to brainstorm with

Bummer, I'm scheduled for an artist's opening on Friday night at my nature center (same weekend as the barnraising). However, I could swear I saw something about your group being at the World Festival of Science in NY. If so, I will be there June 1st for my NASA Space Apps team - Senti8. Let me know if you will have Riffles there!

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