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Rain Garden: Finding a Location

by k_c_s | November 01, 2019 19:44 01 Nov 19:44 | #21370 | #21370

In order to determine a good location for our rain garden, we set up a camera in a potential spot. We set up a camera using a Raspberry Pi computer and a charger. We placed it inside of a plastic box to weatherproof it and set it up inside of a ticket booth where power was supplied to it. The camera was set to a time lapse with 15 minutes in between pictures. The camera would capture images during and after a rain storm, and would reveal where puddles formed.

Unfortunately, after multiple attempts to capture the rainfall, the camera ultimately failed to stay powered or take the pictures at all. We then did a survey of the campus after a heavy rain and measured the depth of different puddles we found with a meter stick.


Hi! have you tried using a trail camera? The simple ones don't send the images to the internet so you would need to collect them from the SD card, but their batteries last at least a week . Also you can set up a gauge board to help with the measuring. These stay in place, you can face your camera to point at them so you don't have to check it every day.

Good luck! Keep us posted!

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