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FABAoutfit for vertical KAP and BAP

by Juan |

This work is released under the Creative Commons/CERN Open Hardware License.

The FABA Collective (Foto Aérea a Baja Altura, from Spain) proposes another equipment for vertical photography at low altitude from kite (KAP) or balloon (BAP), at low cost, named FABAoutfit. It contains the following elements:

1) FABArig (a recycling bin and 2 S-hooks from Ik*a, 4 rubber bands (take from PET Bottle & Rubber Band Rig) and a classic picavet using 9 meters of braided nylon, 4 cable ties and one ring)

2) FABAwinder (in fact, an electric fence reel and 450 meters of braided nylon 1.3 mm)

3) FABAhangup (from 2 spring bed)

Your reviews and comments are welcome.

More information: FABA website Flickr gallery Self-explanatory pdf (37 MB)

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Bravo! Simple and strong, looks great. Do you have a picture of how the camera bands are set up on the inside of the rig behind the two holes?

nice pictures too!

beautiful! I'm in love with your hang-ups-- brilliant re-use of those springs.

I'd love to see the camera mount inside, but I'm guessing that if its a copy of my rubber band rig that the camera is pulled up against the top of the recycling bin (with that piece of foam above it, and the rubber bands coming through two holes in the top. is that correct?

i couldn't find that box on ikea's site-- this is the closest I could find. its a bit big though, in inches: 15 3/4" x 11" x 9 3/4" (5 gallons) in metric: 40cm x 28cm x 24.75cm (20 liters)

the Spanish ikea site doesn't seem to have it either:

Nice design. Those bed springs are perfect.

I bet you could carve away some of the bin to save weight and have better access to the camera and still have plenty of protection for the camera.

It looks like you had a good flying day!


Done! FABArig - inside

Hey Juan - are you unwilling to release your work under an open license? Would you consider dropping the (c) symbol and going with the default Creative Commons/CERN Open Hardware License which we are all using on this site?

@mathew Yes, that is correct:

Thank you Juan! I only asked because of the (c) symbol on the images. Great.


The Ik*a references are:

Spain site: RATIONELL | Cubo para reciclar | € 1,99/ud | Referencia artículo: 601.548.05

USA site: RATIONELL | Recycling bin | $3.99 | Article Number: 601.548.05 Recycling bin

What a perfect fit! I'm really impressed by your design and appropriation of materials.

I was just thinking-- Jesse Breen used a CD -sized "milk crate" for her picavet--

I bet the techniques used in the FABArig would work with a milk crate as well. Because the milk crate already has holes in the bottom, it would be a rig that could be assembled without drilling or cutting the container, lowering the required skill level of the rig. The crates can also stack next to each other for easy alignment of multiple cameras.

unfortunately, the crates with holes in the bottom are almost $10 each shipped:

the cheap crates don't seem have holes in the bottom:

I just added a self-explanatory pdf (37 MB)

The picavet instructions link isn't working. However you'll find a good one here if you need an alternative.

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