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Sled kite video rig

by jmgianca | August 15, 2013 05:01 15 Aug 05:01 | #9014 | #9014

What I want to do

Tomorrow is the test of my newly made 4' sled kite and video camera rig. First I'll have to stabilize the kite by making a tail then I'll see if it is strong enough to lift the 1# rig.

The location is on the shore of lake michigan so there should be a decent breeze.

The goal is to determine the requirements for stable video and change the rigging system accordingly. I expect pretty shaky video the first time around.

I think the main limitation this setup has right now is weight; the camera is relatively heavy. It may make up for that in duration of recording, but we'll find that out soon.


sony handycam camcorder in 1gal jug with stabilizing fairings.


0.7 mil plastic sheeting and 3/16" dowels, strung up with 30# test nylon line for now.


Looks like a great rig, very sturdy! Where are you planning to map?

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I was in Saugatuck MI in the state park. Unfortunately the wind was all but nonexistent while I was there and I was never able to get the kite in the air for more than a couple of seconds. The forecast looks weak for this weekend as well; so at best I will be able to fine tune the kite, but I doubt I will be able to launch the rig.

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