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Hiring: Public Lab Education Manager 

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Education Manager

Location: Remote, based in a metropolitan region; Historically located in New Orleans.

Terms: Full-Time, Exempt

Please send your cover letter and resume in PDF format to

About Public Lab

Our mission is to create a healthier and more equitable world through community science, open technology, and the advancement of environmental justice.

Join our team to bring about a healthier and more equitable world through community science, open technology, and the advancement of environmental justice. Public Lab supports, develops, and applies open-source tools to further environmental exploration and investigation. By democratizing inexpensive and accessible do-it-yourself techniques, Public Lab creates a collaborative network of knowledge bearers and practitioners who actively reimagine the human relationship with the environment.

About the Position

The Education Manager is responsible for developing, expanding, and delivering education programming for Public Lab. This position manages the development of student-led community science, professional development opportunities for educators, and program delivery to youth and the public. This position works closely with the community development and DIY hardware teams in creating and facilitating innovative environmental learning experiences nationally and around the world.

This position is remote, based in a metropolitan area within the United States. Historically, it has been located in Public Lab's New Orleans headquarters. Ability and willingness to travel is required. This position reports to the Senior Program Director.

Please send your cover letter and resume in PDF format to

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage the strategic growth, development, and implementation of Public Lab's Environmental Education Programs.
  • Develop educational learning models based on Public Lab's community science standards.
    • Support youth in the articulation of scientific exploration based on environmental observations and concerns, development of a study design, collection of data, analysis, and presentation.
    • Orient community and youth to environmental monitoring approaches, including Public Lab's open-technology hardware.
    • In coordination with the research and evaluation team, regularly evaluate program needs and organizational learning, adjusting program and materials as needed.
  • Design and administer workshops, seminars, and other professional development opportunities for formal and informal educators.
  • Document and communicate programmatic achievements through Public Lab's website.
    • Assist educators and students in sharing questions, ideas, and projects on the website, and provide assistance in connecting with the Public Lab online community.
  • Craft curricula and lesson plans to support community science and inquiry-based learning for the classroom, in the field, and informal settings.
    • Update curricula to maintain current educational standards and place-based learning.
    • Create environmental education resource materials to be shared via print, web, and other multimedia.
    • Provide access and connection to tools and resources for student-led resources.
  • Collaborate and partner with educators, community members, nonprofit organizations, administrators, curriculum specialists, scientists and technologists, and governmental agencies/departments.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with Kits, Research and Organizing Teams on educational offerings, such as open-hardware guides written for the classroom, community use, and the identification of potential new kit hardware.
  • Collaborate with the director team on program development and delivery, fundraising and grant writing, and regular program reporting.
  • Maintain currency on educational trends, particularly as they relate to community science frameworks and environmental justice principles used in the classroom, and student-led learning.
  • Maintain and adhere to organizational policies and procedures, Public Lab values, and the Code of Conduct.

Successful candidates must have the following skills and/or experience:

  • A Bachelor's degree in a related field preferred (education, environmental science, or environmental education); equivalent professional experience will be considered.
  • At least three (3) years of experience in teaching or working in an educational setting (e.g. classroom, after school programs, outdoor education programs), nonprofit, museum, or educational program/project management is required; preferably five (5) years of experience.
  • A proven project manager with strong organizational skills. A consensus builder when possible, and strives for transparent, equitable, timebound processes that arrive at timely decisions. Able to work under their own initiative, handle multiple assignments simultaneously, and manage projects to completion.
  • Understanding of environmental, climate, and social justice issues and how they relate to each other. Demonstrated ability to design and implement strategies that operate at the intersections of the environment and marginalized communities (e.g. race, gender, and class). Experience cultivating and maintaining just, accountable partnerships, especially with communities and individuals most impacted by the systemic inequities we seek to remedy.
  • Strong interest or experience in the application of technology in the workplace, including the use of collaborative software such as Slack, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Strong candidates will also demonstrate the following experience, skills, and competencies:

  • Advanced equity skills and practice. Deep commitment to, and an understanding of, concepts of equity, justice and inclusion in the workplace and a demonstrated ability to effectively work and collaborate across differences and identify and intervene in problematic dynamics across identity. A working knowledge and understanding of the ways discrimination, implicit bias, personal identity, and power and privilege impact individuals, organizations, systems, and structures.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and delivering educator training programs.
  • Demonstrated experience facilitating student-led inquiry.
  • Demonstrated experience leading hands-on workshops, developing digital tutorials, and the integration of online and in person student learning.
  • Experience working on grants; grant management and reporting on deliverables for state, federal, privately funded programs/projects preferred.
  • Spanish language proficiency desired, but not required.

Note: Additional consideration will be given to those with other relevant experience in applied or natural sciences.

This position is full-time and exempt from overtime. Compensation is between $55,000-65,000, based on experience and qualifications. Heavier seasonal workloads may occur as a result of project deadlines, staff absences and vacancies, and during peak activity periods. Occasional travel and work outside regular business hours required.

Public Lab offers a generous benefits package, including paid time off (in addition to federal holidays) and paid personal health days, full coverage of medical, vision and dental benefits, and employer contributed retirement savings 401k plan.

Please send your cover letter and resume in PDF format to No phone calls or recruiters please.

Public Lab is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse, multicultural work environment. We encourage people with different ability sets, people of color, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities to apply.


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