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Resolving Barrel Distortion on a GoPro Hero3

by huslage | May 01, 2013 20:39 01 May 20:39 | #7192 | #7192

Details about the problem

On our recent balloon mapping expedition in Qatar, we used a GoPro Hero3 Black to capture images. This camera doesn't put any lens information into the EXIF data, so post-processing the images is quite difficult.

I've tried to use photoshop's "Lens Correction" filter to remove the distortion:


but this produces sub-par results:


And even after doing this in Photoshop, creating the map proves labor intensive at best. I'd like to hear any ideas about how to combat this problem and how to correct things properly.


Robert Mark who flies GoPro on UAV and posts to the lists indicated he has used this PTLens software as well as Photoshop. I recall Stewart Long has used it as well.

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FYI, proDAD Defishr can effectively fix barrel distortion in GoPro footage

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GoPro software actually contains a tool for fixing, but only if you took video.

I have written a python script to do stills from a Hero2, it would work for a Hero 3 if a lens model is made for the Lensfun database. I describe the process on my blog

Technically Digikam, Photivo or GIMP should be able to do it once lensfun has the camera added. However the batch in digikam is broken (1 at a time works), GIMP is also difficult to batch, and Photivo is relatively new and not widely available on many platforms yet.

Here's the code:

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