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Boston PLOTS -- Meetup Synopsis for 2/20

by Hudonnoodles | March 01, 2013 14:21 01 Mar 14:21 | #6153 | #6153

Thank you to all who were able to come out to Somerville on Wednesday night to make a successful meetup, and an additional thanks goes to Tidmarsh Farm for funding the pizza!

For those who weren't able to make it, here are some of the projects that were discussed:

North Shore Mapping Meet Up -- Will Ward is organizing a kite mapping meet up in Ipswich on April 6, 2013. More information coming from him soon, but in the meantime the wiki page is Here.

Plymouth / Floating Bob -- A group is working on creating a floating bob to map Pilgirm's Thermal Pollution in Plymouth. There are a couple of moving parts in this project, and some of the discussion moved to the listserv yesterday. In the near future there will be a call for help to execute the project. Is there a research note for this project yet?

Tidmarsh Farm -- Glorianna updated the group on additional research happening on the site, and hopes to host another mapping meetup in May or June when it gets warmer.

MapKnitter Workflow -- Work still needs to be done to the Tidmarsh Farm Map. If you have an interest in working on it or learning about MapKnitter, you can check it out here.

Parts and Crafts -- If people are ever looking to engage children in their research or work, it was encouraged at the Meet Up to reach out to Parts and Crafts in Somerville, MA

If I missed anything else or if points need to be elaborated, feel free to respond and share with the group. And as always, if you feel like organizing an event in Massachusetts or need help on a project, please reach out to the Boston PLOTS or general PLOTS listserv.


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