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Solid Waste Facilities in California

by herk | May 06, 2017 06:09 06 May 06:09 | #14166 | #14166

Here is a blog post outlining ways to obtain data to display the solid waste facilities in California using CalRecycle Data. I used several well-known data analysis tools such as python (requests, pandas, beautifulsoup) for general web scraping, plotly libraries for graphs, and ArcMap Online to produce the main graphic.

A more in-depth discussion is provided here:

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns!


Wonderful overview of the locations of waste facilities in our state! Does this data also include transfer stations listed at CalRecycle?

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@sarasage Yes, it does!

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Hi, I was doing a research on California waste management and stumbled upon this work. The issue is the link doesn't work.

What i am working on is i have identified 23 processing facilities and wanted to know the data related to what goes in and what goes at a very granular level.

Let me know if anyone has this data or can point me in the direction.

P.S. I have already gone through CalRecycle website and i don't find the data. For reference please find attached file Data_Required.xlsx

Thanks in Advance,

Stay Safe


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