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Print maps from the PLOTS Archive and MapKnitter

by gonzoearth | May 10, 2012 20:38 10 May 20:38 | #1949 | #1949

This was a bit lost in the hubbub over the Google announcement, but a few weeks ago we added a feature to order a print directly from MapKnitter and from the PLOTS map archive. Users can now click-through directly from their map details page. Public Laboratory map production is working towards a end-to-end open source solution:

  • Planning. Getting started with Public Lab map tools, collaborate, learn about safety first
  • Capture. Taking aerial images
  • Sorting. Selecting the best images locally or online with
  • Production. Making maps with, Photoshop, or GIS softwares
  • Viewing. online at and or embedding on your blog/website
  • Offline and in the field with a printed map

Printed maps remain useful because there are not enough screens in places that we need them. A printed hard-copy map can be invaluable in the field. They work great in bright sunlight, and a large-format print exceeds the resolution of 2012 high-end displays. With a large-format printed map you can see more information at once, where you would have to zoom and pan with a computer screen.

Print maps to host a local exhibition. Bulk discount codes available, for example if you’re interested in using a map for fundraising. We can also show you how to set up printing yourself on Zazzle.

Print maps from MapKnitter!!

(We're still resolving lingering projection issues in MapKnitter, as the prints are unprojected, which makes them seem a little "smushed" -- see:


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