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"The Scope Of The Alberta Oil Sands Must Be Seen To Be Believed"

by gonzoearth | May 01, 2012 21:48 01 May 21:48 | #1878 | #1878


A huge hole in the landscape surly! Even larger when you consider our royalty on them is down to nothing when infrastructure is considered.

We have new plants just coming out of their pay off (1% royalty only taken) WE are entitled to 25% on these plants per our agreements.

However, the Conservatives have made it clear we will only collect the token about of 6% Canadian funds.

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Thanks for posting this Stew, these pictures are crazy. It seems these site are calling out for some balloon mapping! There was an attempt last year to get some Tar Sands mapping work off the ground. Perhaps there are people interested in revisiting that?

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