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Notes from 4-19 staff call

by gonzoearth | April 19, 2011 23:20 19 Apr 23:20 | #180 | #180

This Week

  • WhereCamp is this Friday-Saturday in Palo Alto, CA -- Stewart and Jeff will be going -- and perhaps testing hydrogen generation in Dunkin Donuts boxes
  • Parts & Crafts - updates this week about the Mon-Wed workshops in Somerville MA, at Parts & Crafts -- read more
  • interview Shannon did in Port Sulphur -- she's transcribing it now; great and over an hour
  • MapMill changes & updates - more upcoming at work session on Thursday
  • PLOTS archive sorting clarification -ok to use meaningful place/project groupings. EX >>>
    • will start using README text file in root directory to detail filenaming conventions
  • Connecting multiple maps in same viewer , gowanus #2 map release coming
    • should be possible in the new data portal site, using Drupal
  • BOD job description
  • Following up on Tar Sands


  • barnraising early fall, should start planning process- Shannon will send out email
  • Thurs. meeting with Joe Agoada regarding UNICEF project in Rio de Janiero -- what questions do we have?
  • Meeting with LUMCON next week- Shannon- Bay Jimmy mapping, wetland quantification, etc


  • getting in touch with Chad (3rd Coast Kites) or Cory (Wind Power Sports) about gulf kiting contacts
  • camera & ballooning care package -- possible switch to mylar or SouthernBalloonWorks balloons?
  • pro-bono lawyer meeting coming up (Shannon)
  • Shirley update- We are waiting to hear back from her regarding final project funding agreement

Next Meeting Fri 4-22 - time not yet determined as Stewart and Jeff will be at Wherecamp -- likely at ~1pm PST


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