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Public Lab Community Newsletter 10.19.12

by gonzoearth | October 20, 2012 06:48 20 Oct 06:48 | #4536 | #4536

This Week in Public Laboratory 
Plenty of action this week including a new balloon kit, flame spectroscopy, a prototype rasberry-pi based dual camera, and a community feedback survey.

New Balloon Kit 1.5 UPDATE “As of today, we've changed up the balloon kit parts to address concerns and improvements. Its a better kit with more stuff for the same price!”

Classroom Flame Spectroscopy From Public Lab member Straylight: “A group of students and I put the PLOTS spectroscope to use observing the spectra from solutions of common metal salts that were excited in the flame of a bunsen burner.”

Webcam Conversion to (Near-) Infrared Member JoshMc steps through converting a webcam for near-infrared with lots of images and detail.

Sensors Are Coming Don Blair ignites a discussion on analyzing microcontrollor based sensor data with consumer based computer platforms.

Prototype Raspberry Pi-based dual IR cam Jeff Warren previews a prototype dual camera platform that was collaboratively imagined at LEAFFEST for the upcoming Barnraising.

Reminder: Public Lab is hiring The nonprofit arm of Public Lab is hiring a Development Manager. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, the closing date is October 23rd and we're looking for a person to be based in New Orleans or Boston.

Public Lab Web Survey There is a feedback survey going on right now on the website. It is running through next week and we really appreciate the feedback from the community:

From this week on the publiclaboratory discussion list sourcing helium, iphone mapping development, and upcoming balloon flights

From this week on the plots-spectrometry discussion list dimmable LEDs, atmospheric spectrum, spectral workbench API

New Maps

Mapping workshop in Los Angeles, map field pictures, and a sweet in-flight video

Mapping workshop in Pasadena

UK Midnight Madness Encampment

Bread Loaf Campus, Middlebury College

Gena Wirth uses Army Corps contract drawings to georectify her aerial imagery!


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