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super simple KAP mount with small tripod and velcro strap

by gonzoearth | August 01, 2013 16:45 01 Aug 16:45 | #8953 | #8953

Using this small tripod I had a very easy time pointing my camera in a consistent direction.


I simply wrapped the line around the tripod while open and closed it on the line and then used the velcro wrap to seal it tight. The line is looped around the top of the tripod joints in a way that prevents it from sliding along the line. It was easy to observe and test/adjust the angle of the ball mount at low altitude before flying higher. There is no stabilization here, but I had no trouble taking sharp images because the kite line is fairly ridged while flying. I had a very small amount of lateral back and forth sway from the kite which actually helped produce a panorama with a wider angle.

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I use those little tripods for my pole and quadcopter too. Very handy. For my kite pendulum I take off the legs and attach the ball-joint clamp thingy to a piece I made using InstaMorph that is inserted into the bottom of the pendulum. I'd like to order a bunch of just the ball-joint pieces but the ones I've seen cost more than the whole tripod. I'd add a photo but not sure how to do that.

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Hi Ned, I think only the note author can add images. So you would just add a separate research note. I found the item on Amazon, but it is probably not the lowest price out there:

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