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comparison visual analysis of infrablue photography

by gonzoearth | July 17, 2013 19:34 17 Jul 19:34 | #8904 | #8904

cfastie posted an important note about where infra blue photography needs to go and it got me thinking about viewing the different multispectral images together; I prefer an overlay environment. The following js slider approach seems to do this well


The examples seem to work with touch screens, but only through tapping instead of sliding with the pointer on a pc/desktop. Perhaps there is a better solution for getting this functionality going. I dont think this site will currently support classycompare without some implementation but I really wanted to look at the nice example in overlay so lined these up really fast and made a gif.



Cool. This is Classy. So you had to align the images manually and then crop. That's a pretty good match considering that they were taken handheld with different cameras. Will it work with three images? I also have the infrablue photo.

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