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Bayou Manchac map of sewerage problem

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Re: our discussion of design aesthetics

here is a post from Bayou Manchac group on Facebook, advocating against the dumping of sewerage by Country Club of Louisiana


Coordinate is 30.329268,-91.01542

Note that the text is not in bubbles, but generally a yellow, red, or orange color to contrast with the browns and greys of the forested landscape.

Note the use of arrows and dots.

Note the white underneath the text that is unclear.

Whether or not this map was drawn in microsoft paint (or equiv. apple software) it is something that can be drawn in these widely available formats.

This aesthetic of "text directly on image" is something that has been done since photography began.


Sweet, thanks for the notes on map annotation. Once we're convinced that the current system is stable, i'm definitely going to spend some time implementing "text directly on map".

What about something like this as a first version?

Annotated Maps test

I made an open Google Presentation to try different things out:

I think Liz and Shannon were going to send out some proposals to the lists soon.

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oh man! this map image link is broken. wondering if y'all know where it went, I wanna use it in a presentation.

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wait, is it not cached on the site? I can see it...

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