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MapKnitter map of Bayou Casotte on a calm, sunny day

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howard and scott 10 min

Flickr album September 20, 2017

I wanted to show Howard the balloon. Up and down in a flash. Calm day, short rope, we flew a point and shoot Canon (810) as well as a gopro. We have a bit of the GoPro somewhere.

[dock kittens and many fish not shown]

Next Step would be to actually record the plume. it is much closer than I had thought, about 725 ft east of the dock. 1000ft of line could survey the plume. that is kayakable for certain, so school groups may not even need a boat, but a fool in the kayak.

the bait shop nearby may be friendly, might be worth it to organize a friendly boat, but seems unnecessary with a high alt line or simple canoe (kayak might be too exposed to acid waters.)

Post Nate MS Phosphate discharge plume, with Tom K Southwings

Oct 11th

Halter Marine is another offender--see this research note

This is just after a rain! all the dust was suppressed. We caught them on video, see ms Alice's note earlier.



Here's an XML of the Bayou Casotte NRC Alerts,-88.522,30.361,-88.492#rss

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Hmm I know a canoe rental company that might be able to help out! are other people looking at this locally? What are the Cherokee Concerned Citizens group up to?

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