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[Event] Oil rains from Valero / Murphy facility Tania Dall / WWL

by eustatic | October 27, 2013 15:56 27 Oct 15:56 | #9643 | #9643

Hey, this is where we have been monitoring flares

Tania Dall / Eyewitness News

_MERAUX, La. -- A stretch of St. Bernard Highway is back open after an oil spill outside the Valero refinery shut down traffic for nearly six hours.

The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office confirmed several cars and two school buses were sprayed by oil. _

some anecdotes from the fenceline

_The couple say they were driving their truck home, when droplets suddenly appeared on their windshield.

"As we were passing the plant I was thinking, Oh my goodness, it's raining!," said Peggy Duplessis. Specks of what appear to be oil now cover their green pick-up truck.

"The spill must have started then because a lot of brown stuff came all over my truck," said George Duplessis. _

not sure how this is relevant but it is the kind of event that people experience


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