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Biohavens in Bonnabel --Kite Map of Wetlands Restoration 2nd October

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When, where, what 7am Wed 2nd October, Kite Mapping of wetlands restoration project in Jeff Parish, off the Bonnabel Boat Launch


Scott Eustis and Lily Zhou of Jefferson Parish Environmental Affairs will map a small wetlands restoration project at the Bonnabel Boat launch (~30.021333, -90.141241), in progress.

If construction is slow or winds unfavorable, we may not get to take a map today, so valuable helium will be spared, and the Little Bear kite will be our primary mapping tool.

The rig will be a single or double soda bottle rig with A490s, dual if winds are strong enough.

call Scott at 5o4 484 9five99 if you want a ride

(photo: biohavens in Terrebonne parish, 29.429413, -90.464507 )

gulf-coast kite-mapping event marsh islands habitat


This will be re-scheduled

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