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How (not) to grow Lotus for wetland transplanting

by eustatic | August 23, 2018 04:11 23 Aug 04:11 | #16985 | #16985

The boys at Docville gifted us three lotus seeds to grow (see their greenhouse above). Initially, we prepared three jars with potting soil, hoping to speed up the process. this was ill conceived. seeds should be scarred, then put in water first.

image description

(aug 7th)
(These jars should just be full of non-chlorinated water instead)

We scarred the seeds with a paring knife, cutting off the remnant petiole(?), or attachment point for the seed.

image description(aug 7th)

We should have used a potato peeler to really open up the seed coat all over.

Out of three, one Lotus has spouted. and now, transplanted into soil.

image description

(aug 20)

image description

(aug 22)

image description

our other seeds have a bit of "failure to launch" going on (aug 22)

more from our office swamp as it develops


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