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Riffing on the riffle for a depth sensor, update from 2014

by eustatic | May 21, 2016 20:21 21 May 20:21 | #13135 | #13135

Here's a video of Don at I at 3am, when a lot of progress on the "Dribble", a Riffle for a depth sensor.

This is the Riffle [arduino + microSD + battery + storage battery] + 555 + capacitance wire inside of a stand pipe.

By stand pipe I mean a 3' length of 3" ABS chopped with a chop saw and drilled out, 8 intake holes in the bottom, 8 air outflow holes up top.

30 second start for instant presentation.

video in list

Questions and next steps

This is an update from when Don visited last time, when Lauren Sullivan made many videos on the Riffle.

Riffle videos



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