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Nature Center polygons for the next phase of Forest Restoration

by eustatic | February 28, 2015 22:06 28 Feb 22:06 | #11644 | #11644

What I want to do

Help the Nature Center raise money for forest restoration. The Nature Center is where I first learned about Louisiana's Wetlands and FEMA / Audubon are moving foward with restoring the center after a long delay.

My attempt and results

Amy made a map for us to digitize, and made it in MS paint.

Older Plats

Questions and next steps

Can Mapknitter help cash-strapped, community based restoration projects with technical documentation.

Why I'm interested

this is an EPA urbanwaters site


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hmm, sorry this didn't work in export -- looking into it today. Odd, as it's just one image.

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