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MapKnitter map of Giant Salvinia Bayou st John Winter 2019

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Salvinia cleanup, making 50 cu yds of compost

Embedded image by Ramiro Diaz

Facebook #SalinityControl Kayakityat

Kayakityat, Friends of Bayou St. John., City Park, and Urban Conservancy have all sprung into action, following a Salvinia invasion of the Bayou from the Lake.

LDWF has placed boom. between the lake end of the bayou and the city end.

_Bayou St. John neighbors gathered last weekend with rakes and shovels to take on a mutual enemy: giant salvinia. Large swaths of the invasive species have been floating in the bayou since mid-January and neighbors are concerned the problem will only get worse.

Giant salvinia is an invasive fern from South America. It was first documented in Louisiana in 1988.._


The restoration of the Lake, along with unusual amounts of rain since 2012, has caused it to freshen, and the salvinia to spread. Here's a photo from Canoe and Trail on the northshore.

Canoe and Trail

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Beautiful map, Scott!

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