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vineyard spectral photos + dropbox

by elador New Contributor |

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i started to study the water content, LAI, and building a big data for machine learning for forecasting diseases and weather so far i gather lots of photos that i still need to process

you can view some of them HERE

some details on the hardware raspi with 9 cameras (multiplexed) with 7 filters 1 vis 1 lepton (160x120) 24/7 capble cable driven robot with solar power and SLA battery 3G/wifi ethernet for communicating with the robot micro climate data harvesting including lux(ir/vis), pressure, humidity, temp.

some details on the software registering the images and using the known formulas for NDVI and such collecting the sensors (light, temp, pressure, humidity) data for farther analasys teaching the machine learning what healthy plant look like and the opposite


ndvi camera machine data spectral robot learning raspi big


Wow, this is super impressive!!!

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