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Thermal Torch Code

by dr_dbw | March 27, 2012 22:24 27 Mar 22:24 | #1548 | #1548

This is the coding I have written for the thermal torch / thermal photography project -

The circuit is simply the one shown at - - all I have done is change the program uploaded to the Arduino Uno board. Also note that I have the LED on pins 9, 10 and 11 (which is different from the previous link) and all temperatures are in degrees Celsius.

This colour scale for the temperatures is based on the sinebow colour wheel, which is discussed here

The code currently requires you to specify the lower and upper temperatures (20 and 30oC in this example) before you upload it, which is then mapped onto the colour wheel from 300o to -30o (purple to pink). Which essentials means that the same colour scale is used and mapped onto the temperature range that you specify in the code.



Hey this is awesome! Thanks. Could you share some kind of step by step how to?

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Probably should say why I want to be able to dynamically change the colouring scale. Basically, want to use the entire colour scale in the situations in which it is used. This will make it much clearer the temperature differences that occur.

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This is just using the circuit etc that has been posted here, I will make the explicitly clear in the text in a moment. So I don't really have a step by step to add. Or is there something specific you are after? i.e. how the colour mapping is done onto the temperature scale, may be?

The code does something similar to what Jeff has written, I think? However, you are able to specify the minimum and maximum temperatures and then the colour output will be adjusted to suit. Suppose you can call it dynamic scaling. It is not fixed in the manner that is discussed here -

I plan to make it so that you can flick a switch to change the minimum temperature between two values, and then a second switch to change the maximum temperature. Hope to use that so that limit the times that have to connect and recode the Uno board. At a guess the selectable temperatures will probably be 10 & 15 and 25 & 30, but will have to see. Will probably depend on the season etc. When I do that, I will put up full details on what I have done, plans etc.

If someone can tell me the coding to use on the page to make the Arduino code to appear as it has for others like Jeff, that would be great.

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