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Spectra Workbench for offline use?

by drabanus | June 04, 2013 17:02 04 Jun 17:02 | #8047 | #8047

Dear spectral workbench developers,

could you give me an advise on which sw package to download for using spectral workbench offline? For our field deployments in the Chilean desert we require an application the does not require an internet connection.

I guess this application could be deployed on a locally running webserver, and I'd appreciate your support by describing the packages that need to be installed (e.g. apache, php, python, ...) which then should allow us to install it on one or more of our Lubuntu-based netbooks.

Best regards and thank in advance - David


Hi! We just haven't had the manpower/time to do this completely, but there is plenty of documentation about setting it up yourself:

and an installation guide:

There's also an "offline" version which lacks a lot of JavaScript debugging and isn't really working at this point:

Finally, there's a very old and not well-supported Java version:

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Spectral Workbench now works offline once you've loaded the site while you have an internet connection. After that, it will load the offline version even if you don't have an internet connection:

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