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Public Lab Research note

Public Lab Mascot Tryouts

by donblair | January 27, 2014 04:39 27 Jan 04:39 | #9983 | #9983

What I want to do

Locate a Public Lab mascot.

My attempt and results

Turns out that Ben Gamari has a pet Gulf Coast Box turtle, named "T". She turtle often wears a knitted sweater in the winter.

Questions and next steps

We're not sure of the T's availability for Public Lab mascot duties; but she didn't seem particularly bothered by the addition of a "Public Lab" sign on her sweater.

Why I'm interested

Because turtles.


Should consideration be made for naming an ecothermic animal as mascot of Public Lab, one might need to examine the educational consequences of presenting said cold-blooded creature wearing an insulating sweater which could have physiological effects quite different from those experienced by you or me when donning a similar garment. Do tell, does a sweater keep a turtle warm or cold?

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Great question! :)

We are currently developing appropriate sensor technology, and will soon investigate.

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